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Commercial Plywood

The Commercial Plywood is the standard plywood that people can access in any hardware store when they ask for plywood. It generally refers to the grade of plywood, usually referred to as MR grade plywood.

Flush Doors

We are offering here the Flush Doors that serve a wide range of residential and light commercial applications. The doors offer a sturdy, functional option for certain applications and aesthetic needs. They are very easy to install.

Plywood Packaging Boxes

High quality Plywood Packaging Boxes are offered by us that are held together with steel profiles acting as hinges. In addition, the plywood boxes can be certified for dangerous goods shipments and customized for many applications.

Block Board

The BLOCK BOARD is a widely used form of engineering plywood that is made by sandwiching the core of softwood strips between layers of wooden veneer. They are generally used to make wardrobe doors, doors, paneling, and partition walls.